Rhetorical Questions



Rhetorical Questions Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Wah bout de guy wey breed you?
How does he really treat you?
Does he emotionally and intellectually feed you?
Can’t be sex really seal de deal
Cause dey gah good man wah got style for weeks, look me!

Yuh man! Mek you overstand.
Getting involved, it wasn’t a bad plan.
But when you get in to get way,
You ah segue from way better deh.
If you had paused that game you ah play,
You could have secured a free agent like me.

But hey, you dun mek you bed dey.
Gawn bubble my girl, you in trouble my girl,
You lef first and second and gone deh third?
Well I can see that you full a turd.
Nah go sugar coat it before it get worse.

When he done with you, you ah go vex with we.
Coulda tell you it nar work and when he leaves you’ll see all man as dogs
And a so you’ll feel we just want to use you but you ah pick you speed

So slow down, better round de corner!
Don’t be one wey just wanna wanna.
They nuh getty so just hold a corner.

Stand firm in good standard,
Of business das de first order.

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