Click (Clique)


Click (Clique) Lyrics



Written by Ervin Welsh

Bang bang boom!

He no longer moves.
“Gone too soon,” cry the people he knew.
Those he didn’t said it was long overdue
Because they knew he use to bang bang too.

Soon we’ll be hearing boom boom bang
Because his gang ain’t goin out like that.
Their homie didn’t deserve to die
He’d been trying to start a brand new life.

Now left to mourn are his wife and kids
And of course family and friends
But his friends ain’t got time to mourn
Because they’ve sworn there will be an all out war.

Now we all saw that coming
So we stay inside let the streets decide what’s a just recourse,
No remorse as they spray the block of the yute that shot.

And he’s just a little kid.
The one who’s about to get popped
And the son of the yute he killed.
The little boy the dead dad left behind,
In time he’ll surely learn why he’s fatherless
And which clique did it.
Life mission? Make sure they regret it!
Even though nobody knows it yet.

Now at this point,
No one remembers where it all started or why they’re rivals
All they know is they’re justified.
That’s all they need to know before they fire.




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