Time’s Up


Time’s Up Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh


Take your time
You won’t expire.
(Repeat 4x)

[Verse 1]

I kept hearing this, “tick tock”
And just my luck, it was my biological clock.
But it’s strange, years felt like months.
Is it really true or were we bamboozled?

Our mind has been poisoned by all the noises
From the rush to make choices
And they say the best choice is listening the voices – the drugs –
The prescriptions from Matthew, Mark, Luke and Everyone
Some intentioned, all overwhelming.

So I did exactly what I should have done,
Ignored all of them and their prescriptions like those who feel they’ve seen, everything,
Just because of past experiences.

Who neglect your successes; uniquenesses;
And stress your weaknesses,
When in due time is what’s best, yes!


Take your time
You won’t expire.
(Repeat 3x)

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