Stereotypes On Blast


Stereotypes On Blast Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Intelligence and ignorance correlate.
They’re virtually impossible to separate.
Intelligence, is in what you understand,
But what’s understanding without application?

They say, “White people can’t dance”,
“Blacks have no class”,
“Whites have no ass”,
“Africa’s stuck in the past.”

“Christianity’s the only way”.
“Muslims kill for their faith”.
“Rastas only smoke weed” and
“Ghetto people only breed.”

They told me, “Professional men don’t wear plaits”.
“Ugly’s synonymous with fat”.
“Modern medicine has our back”
And “food’s equally healthy though pre-packed.”

It took a while to understand America’s not the promise land
And the Caribbean has more to offer than just sun sea and sand.


Do you know not all Chinese people can fight?
And infidelity’s not alright?
Vices don’t make you cool
And education can start but can’t end with school.

They taught me that Columbus discovered me.
Because we’re “independent” we’re free
And that men and women are treated equally.
But they’re not, we’re not, it’s all lies!

And since real eyes, realize, real lies, mine are counterfeit.
Didn’t realize till I grew older how I was full of it
Never explicitly taught to hate but check our view of things…


Have you ever spoken ill of another religion?
And when you found yours was it really a decision?
Many were born into theirs and never researched another
But believe, without doubt, one’s more right than the other.

Well, what I’ve discovered is while we weren’t taught to hate, we certainly aren’t lovers.
All those cheeky comments separating ourselves from others, reveal just how badly our ideals are discoloured.

So dial down the sound on your stereotype.
Recognize how you hardly even know your type
Like those questions about your religion from earlier,
Apply those to the misconceptions listed prior.
Listen closely to your conversations.
Your cheap shots mean a lot when caught inside impressionable thoughts.

So don’t just think before you talk, sometimes shut up!
Your sealed lips, if led by ignorant bliss, can save a life
And stop these stereotypes.

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