Social Casualty


Social Casualty Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Know what’s a tragedy?
You being sad for me like I’m a casualty
‘Cause there’s a change in me.
When in fact my appearance is the change you see
A change you didn’t expect of me!

But who cares?
Greetings are all we’ve shared.
Besides which you’ve never seemed to care.
But you think it necessary to share your commentary?
Listen! Save your energy!


I’ve never sought permission.
Feels like freedom’s in remission.
Seriously, what’s your contention?
How are you affected by my decision?

It seems it’s you, not me, who has this skin to live in.
It seems change, has you uncomfortable again.
But I’ve changed, not you, so stay in your lane.
Same person, same name, otherwise positive change.

Change, by the way, which has done a lot for me.
Now I see how superficial some people really be.
On what did you base your expectations of me?
And when they weren’t met, rather than kill them, you tried to kill me?

I never carried myself the way I did for you to admire it.
I did what I did because I liked it;
This change, yet again, I desire it.
So, your approval, I don’t require it.
Your questions, may or may not get acknowledgement.
For my choices, your approval, well… I think you get it.

Don’t get me wrong!
Constructive criticism, I welcome it.
Genuine interest, I appreciate it.
But your view, with no point, I suggest you keep it!

The death of me socially hasn’t affected me emotionally.
As for professionally I’m not scared remotely.
If I lose all my clients you can call it slavery
Cause looking naturally, caused me to lose my salary.

What you call “changes”, say little about me
But your behaviour, speaks volumes.
I heard you!
Did you listen you?
The tragedy is you don’t seem inclined to.

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