Wonderland Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

I love a mind embodied in beauty;
I don’t love with the beauty of a body in mind.
I can’t make time so I don’t waste it.
I use mine to find minds like mine.

Finding like minds does take time.
When a lady is fine I put that aside
And engage in a conversation to see what she’s like.

And you? You look majestic
But I shoot for the stars,
Are you a brilliant mind?
I’m sapiosexual,
Can you titillate mine?
I don’t doubt that without clothes you can arouse me
But can your words erupt the dormant within me?

Listen! Brandish the beauty within!
Spending on hair and makeup won’t make up for what’s missing.
Everybody ages.
Connections grow in stages;
The latter is fine wine,
So don’t whine about the former – embrace it!

What’s the depth of your substance?
Are you comfortable in it?
If you perceived disparities would it ignite a metamorphosis?

Lady you are gorgeous
But why on earth are you naked?
Spend time titivating your mind!

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