Her Lyrics


Written by Ervin Welsh

Her heart is pure, a reminder of how it should be
Nurturing! All her life she’s cared for a rib which came from me.
She projects what I want my children to see,
A fine example of how a person should be.
She breathes life into my faith in mankind,
A degree of modesty I forfeited hope I’d find.
Hers is beauty second only to the way she thinks.
Love for all persons and all things.
She doesn’t quantify her worth by the attention she gets
But God himself would select her for an immaculate concept’.

Honest, worthy of trust, devoted to us.
From good times to the bad she’d easily adjust.
Flesh made of earth, the apple of my eye.
A heart of gold and a rib that is mine.

She captured my heart, enraptured my mind
And left me submerged in her love,
Sublime, divine, and all mine.


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