Him Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

I want to be him!
A man she can depend on, headstrong
But a man that admits when he is wrong.

I want to be him!
A stalwart but an exemplar of warmth.
King of our world, mutual servant.

I want to be him!
Bearer of a back broad enough to carry her fears,
Constructed with shoulders molded to catch her tears.

I want to be him!
Vulnerable! But never truly at risk
Since with her his heart is safest.

I want to be him!
Whole in her absence, complete in her presence
The one for whom her,Good Morning, carries an enchanting cadence.

I want to be him! A real man!
Not by society’s standards but by my standard.
The best possible version of me;
A man imagination fails to conceive.
I want to be… fit for a Queen!

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