Certainty Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

I grew myself a second heart just to hold my love for you
Just to prance around in my chest as I think about you each day.
You’re the best catch, a positive match, for the rare blood type that I have.
The blood that flows through my veins is red
But the atriums of my heart are a kaleidescope of colours, changing with every beat..

The rhythm is that of old blues songs
Because I long for you when you’re gone.
Streaks of red, green and gold emit from your hips as they transmit the reggae rhythm
in your step.
The only thing sexier is seeing you wet as the ice melts on the blues that I felt.

The floors are now a sea of violet
So you’re walking on water your majesty and you also let me.

Now we’re dancing as it ripples, with my hand on your… waist
And my fingers tucked beneath the indigo lace that circumferences your waist
As we dance to my favourite tune,
The one that asks if loving you is wrong
But I know you’re right
And even when we’re not together I know you’re right here
Whispering synonyms for love in my ear,
This in my night and my daydreams.

And if these are just dreams don’t you see why I love you?
My reality is so much sweeter!
You’re my reality!
A woman God created just for me, from a rib within me.
And about this I don’t question or wonder
I’ve already checked the serial number…
E.A.D.W. 1-8-0-4-8-6,
You know what that is…
My initials and my birth date baby,
We’re meant to be!

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