What is Beyond Timeless?

Ervin Welsh

Frankly-speaking I don’t know what Beyond Timeless is. A few years ago it was a “Social Science Lab. Before that it was “A Social Movement”. Recently it wasn’t even “Beyond Timeless”, it was “Ervin and Company” and for ten years before that it was “Positively Inclined”. So I’m not sure what Beyond Timeless is but truth be told, all that matters is what I’m trying to do with it.

While this is the case, I find it difficult to explain too. My work throughout the years has changed course more times than the organization’s name and descriptions of what we do. What hasn’t changed over the ten years since starting these efforts is my motivations.

Everything I am and everything I’ll be is intent upon bringing about a community without unnecessary limitations and unnecessary suffering. One in which we collaborate to achieve the best possible outcomes for ourselves and the community. One wherein we think of what’s best for ourselves in terms of what’s best for the community. And one where when we think of “community”, we think beyond our neighbourhoods, nations and regions; instead thinking inclusively of all persons and things.

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Imagine for a moment, if you can (sure you can), the reward of work (i.e. need fulfillment) being the work itself (i.e. the need being filled). Imagine fewer arbitrary standards to live up to, like conditional respect and love; shared and enforced ideals of beauty and “presentability”; and the worth of our thoughts measured by our academic achievements rather than the foundation of our views.

For “the way it is” to exist, there are many truths that have to be dismissed. I’m not advocating for perfection; some minimum of limitations, trials, sacrifices and standards are inevitable. However, we can achieve leaps and bounds better and can do so right now if we’d 1. Be principled — living by the ideals we profess, rather than being indifferent to the consequences of unprincipledness and 2. If we’d be intentional with our choices — making decisions on principle, rather than reactively to the environment.

I’m Ervin Welsh, Kittitian-born Thinker, Educator, Opportunity Architect and Entrepreneur. Beyond Timeless follows my efforts to take “the way it is” and make “the way it should be”. As overwhelming and impossible as this may seem, all this takes is different thinking.

That’s just one change but a transformative one. Fundamentality is a philosophy I’m developing to explain the importance of this difference i.e. being principled and intentional. And Provitman University is a self-education platform I’m developing to facilitate it these lessons.

Additionally, all my work is freely available, open and collaborative. What this means in practical terms is I develop models that can be replicated elsewhere (much like franchises) but with far less limitations and at no financial cost to those willing to undertake them. On a personal level, the content I create e.g. recordings, posts and full publications, can be accessed with no barriers. My efforts aside, I’m committed to amplify other similarly-oriented efforts.

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It doesn’t have to be
“The Way It Is”.

Division, segregation, selfishness, unequal opportunities, favouritism, debt, coercion, disrespect, exploitation, untrustworthiness, pretense, unnecessary suffering, unnecessary limitations, crime, violence, crippling fear, powerlessness, depression, wasted potential, unfulfilling work, lack of meaning and purpose…
That’s “the way it is” But
It doesn’t have to be.

We can choose to think differently, we can choose to be principled and intentional and this one change, as daunting as it may be, would transform our entire reality. But it’s up to us. We have to choose to be the Architects, Engineers and Contractors of our individual and collective reality.

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Note: I’m still finding my voice so I’m considering taking a look at the work thus far produced and rewriting according to how I’d articulate my thoughts today (and this voice is still evolving. See “How To Read My Work” for more about this.


I argue for a society that gifts rather than buys and sells. I choose gifting over money, barter or any other form of exchange which (by its very nature) requires the giver directly benefit from the receiver. I’ve come to understand from my studies of love that it doesn’t necessitate reciprocity (as does exchange). If we’re to live in love and indeed I think we should, these ways of satisfying needs are destructive.

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Deviance, Crime and Violence

What separates the person who prints personal items (e.g. NGO meeting agendas, church bulletins, school work and private business or personal leaflets) in his place of employment, from the person who takes cash out of the cash register/box or the one who doctors accounting books to pocket company funds? All incur a cost to the company. All likely have similar thoughts about how acceptable it is to have the company incur this cost. The most significant difference among these activities is punishability by law of the latter tho examples.

Deviance is said to be the violation of social norms. I argue that deviance is not the violation of norms in principle; rather it’s the straying from the way these norms are acted out.

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Self Education, Self Empowerment, Formal Education

The brain is a problem-solving machine so it must, by nature, be a learning machine as well. We don’t need to be “educated” — certainly not in the “jug and mug” fashion schools have been doing for far too long. Our education, instead, needs to be facilitated and fostered through those institutions.

In my view, schools are central to the realization of social progress. I explore here, the problems with our relationship with formal education and the education system on a whole.

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Some call it “Self-Empowerment” I rather call it Authority.

Distill my work to one word and it would be understanding. But while understanding is the means, authority is the reason I emphasize it. It’s the power to be who you want to be. The power to create what you want to see.

We’ve romanticized powerlessness and not knowing. We’ve been taught that there is nothing impossible to those who have (blind) faith. I’ve come to a very different conclusion — and from some of the same traditions no less. It has been said that for lack of knowledge/understanding we perish. That says to me that these are among the highest values.

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What would you do if you could do anything? The simple answer is your best work. The surgeon at the top of their field seeks out the most complex cases. Thinkers apply themselves to the most complex problems. Persons in any area of life strive toward expert level from cashiers and packers to people opening coconuts for sale. It’s phenomenal to see people in their element. It’s what we’re meant to do — who we’re meant to be.

We live purpose in every moment. Every action has consequences flowing out of it. It’s inescapable that we contribute to life as we know it by way of who we choose to be. We can be silent and fear-filled, letting life tow us (all) in whatever direction it’s going. Or we can be active and intentional, making of life what we would have of it.

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Some of the world’s most beautiful (even universal) concepts, are the most harmful. What is “family”? What is “friendship”? What is a “significant other”?

What we call family are just a tiny portion of the people to whom we’re related. Look at it from a scientific perspective or a spiritual one and the consensus is we’re all related. What then is “family” as we define it? What then is the benefit? If we loved all like we love “family” how different a world would we have?

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All understanding begins with understanding self.

  1. Who are we?
  2. What are we made of?
  3. What are we made for?
  4. Why are we the way we are?
  5. What are we capable of doing (of being)?
  6. What motivates us?
  7. Why do we think as we do?
  8. What separates us from other?
  9. Where do our values come from?
  10. What informs our decisions?

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Social Progress

Not Gross Domestic Product (GDP); not any measure of material wealth; Social Progress is the standard for measuring all things. It’s the purpose for which we live. Success in every field is a unit of measure against social progress. The eradication of disease, the education of a population, the prevalence of justice are intrinsic measures that all convey social progress. It is not the size of an institution or them being equipped with industry standard equipment, it’s not even the rapidity with which an issue can be diagnosed and treated, that marks social progress. These can be markers of “development” but where, for instance, the diseases being cured are created by the way we live (e.g. because of our unhealthy agricultural practices) this is not social progress.

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My spiritual orientation has long been free thinking. I’ve always thought my inquiring mind more of a pleasure to God (as we conceive it), than blind acceptance of inherited religion…

I see as spirit, all we consider mystical and all we consider natural phenomenon (i.e. the interconnectedness of events, the interconnection of consequences). All that is, is because of all that was. All that will be, will be because of all that is. The spirit (i.e. the way/nature) of our thoughts and actions (inaction included) determines the reality we’ll experience in both near and distant future.

Love and Indifference are ways of being (spirits) in which we operate. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God is said to be love and his home is said to be heaven. What would earth be like if we lived in love? Wouldn’t heaven be a suitable way to describe it?

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